Some loose diamonds.

There's a lot to know about diamonds. Especially with the emergence of the new lab grown diamonds. That's why when you're shopping for a diamond you need to deal with someone who is trained, experienced and knows about the latest developments in the diamond industry.

Steve is a GIA Certified diamond expert and would be happy to help you choose the perfect diamond for your new ring or answer any questions you have about the diamonds you have now or a diamond that you may be wanting to buy.

We have a nice selection of diamonds in stock and we're glad to order in, for your approval, diamonds that meet your specific requirements, whether it be natural or lab grown.

Orderd stones usually come in overnight and there's never a charge or obligation for the service. Many diamonds come with a full year of insurance coverage and a 100% return of the purchase price when you're ready to upgrade.

If you have questions about diamonds or are looking for the right diamond for you, check with Steven Christopher Jewelers.